Yogyakarta State University continuously develops its facilities in terms of quantity and quality to support the improvement of both academic and non-academic activities. The facilities are described below.

1.      Museum Pendidikan Indonesia (Museum of Indonesian Education)

Museum Pendidikan Indonesia is an educative recreation destination. It exhibits original and reproduced materials which portray the history of Indonesian education, starting from the colonial to reformation eras. Being located in the middle of the campus, it is certainly easy to reach.


2.      Laboratories, Workshops, and Studio

To support its teaching and learning program, YSU has several laboratories and workshops for students to practice and apply their knowledge. The laboratories are the botany laboratory, the beauty laboratory, the cooking laboratory, the Karawitan Laboratory, the physics laboratory, the chemistry laboratory, the language laboratory, the integrated social sciences laboratory, the special education laboratory, the anatomy laboratory, the physiology laboratory, the physical condition laboratory, the histology laboratory, the physical therapy clinic laboratory, and the fitness laboratory. Meanwhile, the workshops are the production machine workshop, the automotive workshop, and the woodworking machine workshop. YSU also has a music studio located in the Music Education Department.


3.      Sport Center