Yogyakarta State University continuously develops its facilities in terms of quantity and quality to support the improvement of both academic and non-academic activities. The facilities are described below.

1.      Museum Pendidikan Indonesia (Museum of Indonesian Education)

Museum Pendidikan Indonesia is an educative recreation destination. It exhibits original and reproduced materials which portray the history of Indonesian education, starting from the colonial to reformation eras. Being located in the middle of the campus, it is certainly easy to reach.


2.      Laboratories, Workshops, and Studio

To support its teaching and learning program, YSU has several laboratories and workshops for students to practice and apply their knowledge. The laboratories are the botany laboratory, the beauty laboratory, the cooking laboratory, the Karawitan Laboratory, the physics laboratory, the chemistry laboratory, the language laboratory, the integrated social sciences laboratory, the special education laboratory, the anatomy laboratory, the physiology laboratory, the physical condition laboratory, the histology laboratory, the physical therapy clinic laboratory, and the fitness laboratory. Meanwhile, the workshops are the production machine workshop, the automotive workshop, and the woodworking machine workshop. YSU also has a music studio located in the Music Education Department.


3.      Sport Center


This university is well equipped and facilitated in the field of sports with indoor stadium, swimming pool, archery field, basketball courts, softball court, soccer field and athletic track, fitness center, and indoor as well as outdoor tennis courts. These facilities are built to ensure that the students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences can conduct their practice. Moreover, the students of other faculties can also utilize these facilities.


4.      Student and Multicultural Center (SMC)

The Student and Multicultural Center provides a place for students to develop their creativity, talents, and interests in all areas-arts, language, sciences, and sports. The building consists of rooms for student activity units, a convention hall, meeting rooms, and a lobby.


5.      The Health Care Center

The Health Care Center of Yogyakarta State University provides all university members with services of medical checkups, medical statements, medical treatment, health consultation, family planning programs, pregnancy tests, and first aid. This Health Care Center is staffed with six doctors, two nurses, and two administrators.


6.      Physical Therapy Clinic

This clinic offers massage and physical therapies. The therapists and masseurs are skilled students of Sport Science Study Program supervised by their faculties. This clinic also provides first aid service for slight injuries such as sprain and muscular cramp.


7.      Guidance and Counseling Center

The Guidance and Counseling Center is aimed at assisting students who have problems in their study. It also serves the university’s faculties as well as staff, and public who need care. Supported by 11 competent counselors, the center has developed some programs such as bibliotheraphy for students, compilation of intelligence standard for students, seminars and workshops on counseling.


8.      Mujahidin Mosque



The mosque is designed like Nabawi Mosque in Medina city. It can accommodate up to 3500 worshipers. This mosque is also completed with Islamic Education Center in which Muslim students conduct some agendas.  


9.      Accommodation

Yogyakarta State University has some dormitories for students of the Elementary School Education Study Program of which the campus is located in different places. Meanwhile, the students from the other study programs are to find their own accommodations. This will not raise any problem because students can find boarding houses (commonly called kos) around the campus. Besides, this university also has a hotel called UNY Hotel.      


10.  Banking

To support the financial activities in the university, YSU has cooperated with some banks, BPD DIY, BNI, BTN, and MANDIRI Bank, which provide a variety of services for all the university community members. These activities include payments for new student enrollment, tuition, field community service, field teaching practices, graduation ceremony, and yudicium. However, these banks also provide general services for the public.


11.  Post Office

Mail and package delivery cannot be separated from the campus activities. Therefore, YSU has cooperated with the post office. This office helps all the university members run some activities especially in dealing with mails, packages, money transfer, as well as telephone, electricity, water, and credit payments.


12.  Convention Halls and Performance Stages

a.       Auditorium

Some big agendas like ESQ training, seminars, exhibitions, etc. take place in this building. It is equipped with adequate facilities and a performing stage. Not only for official uses of the university, the building is also open for the public.


b.      Pendopo Tedjokusumo

Pendopo Tedjokusumo, a Javanese traditional hall, is commonly used for various activities such as theater and dance practices, discussions, seminars, and wedding parties. This pendopo is also a comfortable place for studying.


c.       Stage Tari (Performing Stage)

This stage is used by the university members and public to perform various kinds of performing arts. It can accommodate up to five hundred of people.


13.  Mini Market KOPMA UNY


All students’ daily needs are available in this market. As located in the middle of the campus, it is accessible for the university members and public. Furthermore, it offers competitive and friendly prices.

14.  Sportsmart

This mart offers complete sport equipments with reasonably affordable prices and quality products. Since it is located in front of a main street, people will easily access it.    


15.  Foodcourt

This food and beverage center offers a comfortable place to dine. Various kinds of food and beverage, not only Indonesian ones, can be ordered with affordable prices. This center opens from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday.


16.  Garden Café

The café is a cozy place to eat, relax, as well as enjoy social activities such as chatting with friends while studying. Furthermore, it provides free hot spot area with which you can access internet freely. Various kinds of food and beverage are provided with affordable prices. Meanwhile, every Saturday night, customers can enjoy live band performances.


17.  Auto Care

It offers services related to motor vehicles such as car wash, lubricant change, auto repair, automotive saloon, etc. It has professional staff who will give excellent services. This auto care is also open for the public.


18.  Auto Repair

This workshop becomes a place for real practice of the students of the Automotive Engineering Education Study Program to apply their knowledge and skills professionally. Customers can have their motorcycles repaired and maintained in this workshop.


19.  Alumni Center

YSU pays attention not only to its current students, but also its alumni. Therefore, the alumni center is provided to keep it well connected with the alumni. Some agendas related to the university alumni are also organized by this center.  


20.  Legal Consultation and Help Center

The Legal Consultation and Help Center provides lawyers not only for YSU institutionally, but also for lecturers, staffs, students, and public who need law as well as advocacy assistance and lawyers for courts. Internally, the center provides consultation in establishing legal products and Memorandum of Understanding, giving suggestions regarding drafts of government regulation, and giving law counseling for all the university members. 

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