ICERI 2021


The 9th International Conference on Education Research and Innovation, 2th International Conference on Music Education Community and The Asia Pasific Network for Moral Education



The universe and society, both macro and micro, were created based on the laws of order which in principle have something in common.  For example, the Milky Way solar system in which the center of the solar system is the sun, is surrounded by planets in its orbit. These planets, like Earth, are surrounded by their moons. It turns out that even very small objects such as atomic molecules have a circular model. The aims of research is to find these regularities to facilitate and improve the quality of life.

The advancement of science and technology, sport, languages and arts are dedicated not only to facilitate the human life but also educate human being themselves. Arts is the highest achievement that contain values of life that highly respected by a nation.  It can be said that arts are reflection of the civilization including moral, and vise versa; civilization as the representation of the advancement of moral, science, technology, cultures, languages, and arts by human being.

The viruses that cause the Covid 19 pandemic are hard to anticipate. Everything must be changed. This means that it is necessary to strive for innovative methods to  STRENGTHEN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND INNOVATION BASED ON MORAL, SCIENCES, AND ART IN NEW ERA

Sub Themes:

Pandemic Covid-19 and its implication on science, technology, sport, social humaniora, moral, arts and cultures
Shaping Moral Education trough Sciences, Technology , Arts,  and Culture
Changing Values and Morality trough Education
Moral in Research and Community Service, Values, Ethics, and its Implementation
The New Adaptation  and How It is Quite Different from the Previous Era
Innovation on Moral Education in Early, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary during Pandemic Era
Innovation of Science, technology and Art Education
Developing Academic Culture in School during the Pandemic Era
Developing Culture Learning Based on Moral Values
Collecting, Developing, and Constructing Basic Theories Regarding the Relationship and Interplay between Moral Education towards Sciences, technology Art, and Culture
Innovations within the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Evaluation, Technology and the Learning Environment for the 21st Century
Learners and the Profiles of Science and Art Teachers in the Digital World of the 21st Century
The Development of Critical Thinking Ability as a response to Various Phenomena of the Latest Sciences and Arts Development Wisely
The Potential Contributions of Science and Arts to the Development of Various Fields
Innovation in sport sciences

DATE : 10 Nov 2021

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