National Higher Education Entrance Exam (SNMPTN 2014)


INTRODUCTION Based on the Law No. 12 Year 2012 on Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia Government Decree No. 66 Year 2010 on Changes of Government Decree No. 17 Year 2010 on the Educational Management and Conduct; and the Ministry of National Education Decree no. 34 Year 2010 on Undergraduate Program Student Admission System in State Universities, the admission to state universities will be conducted through a national selection and the likes. The meeting between the Indonesian Higher Education Rector Council Coordinator and the Directorate-General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, decided that a national selection became the government’s responsibility while others became the responsibility of each rector or rector council. The national selection system is conducted by state universities in the form of National Higher Education Entrance Exam (SNMPTN). 

SNMPTN 2014 is a national selection system conducted by the organizing committee established by the Directorate-General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture and participated by all state universities in an integrated system. The registration fee of SNMPTN 2014 is covered by the government, therefore, the student candidates are not obliged to pay. Related to Bidikmisi* program administered by the government, students of economically insufficient families who have high academic achievement, can take the selection through SNMPTN and if they are accepted, they will receive scholarships including tuition fee and living cost during their normal study period. This information presents general requirements of the SNMPTN 2014 administered by 62 state universities. It includes admission requirements; schools and students database (PDSS) filling, admission process, deadlines, and study program choices. It is issued to be carefully read by the student candidates. The detailed information about the admission and deadlines of the SNMPTN 2014 will be announced in a guidebook which can be accessed in the official website Hopefully the information can be beneficial for helping the student candidates prepare for SNMPTN 2014.

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