Along with global developments and dynamics, universities must keep on compete dan develop the qualities of education, research, teacher resources, and so on to produce graduates and research results that are useful and recognized by community. Therefore, under the leadership of the current rector, Prof. Dr. Sutrisna Wibawa, M.Pd., Yogyakarta State University continuously strives to improve the quality and quantity of lecturers both in teaching, research, community service, improvement of scientific publications in nationally and internationally reputable journals which is manifested in article writing assistance programs and incentive programs.

 “The ‘benchmark’ that must be optimized recently is in academic affair because YSU’s ‘core business’ is in education,” said Sutrisna Wibawa. In order to realize the vision and mission of YSU towards the world’s top 500 university of QS version in 2025, YSU’s rector keep on spurring and motivating its all component of academic community of YSU both in lecturer’s quality, lecturer’s adequacy,  the improvement of student affairs quality, and the quality of research activity. In addition, the ‘green campus’ program is to support the rating of ‘green matric’ such as green area planning, waste management, clean water management, spatial planning, transportation, become the rector’s attention to realize the better YSU.

Besides the socialization by the Rector of YSU, the event on Friday (9/6) is also filled with the Socialization of Google Scholar Database Filling, Research Gate, Sinta and Socialization of Research Regulations and Guidelines and PPM Year 2018 by LPPM Chairman. At the end of the series of this various socialization held at the Main Meeting Room of GPLA FSS, the YSU’s main officers consisting of Rector, Vice Rector, Dean, up to the Head of Bureau with the family of Faculty of Sport Science, was listening to the spiritual training delivered by Ustad H. Suyanto and continued breakfasting and Maghrib prayer in congregation (SP27).

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