As a part of implementation on the collaboration between UNY and the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, UNY is ready to facilitate activities held between the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing in an activity entitled "Leadership Training from CLEC Ministry of Education China". This activity began with coordination via zoom on Friday (3/9) between the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel, 40 selected school principals from the early education level to high school levels and several universities including UNY.

In this activity, UNY was appointed as the host and facilitator. UNY also send  5 participants. "We are very proud and promise to manage this activity seriously and send the best technical team," said the Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation, Prof. Siswantoyo.

Praptono as the Directorate General of GTK in his speech emphasized that the School Principal as a leader must be able to be an example for the school he leads. The selected school principals are also obliged to take part in this activity seriously so that in the future education in Indonesia will be better by reflecting on the experience of China. "The strong economic growth in China is supported by very advanced education for children and youth who excel in all fields and are ready to face the digitalization era," said Praptono.

Yaya Sutarya as the Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing said that the relationship between Indonesia and China itself in the field of education was already quite closely intertwined. In 2019, there were 300 teachers from Indonesia who were studying in China. "In 2020, there are 1520 students studying in China and 1200 students studying Vocational. The Chinese government also provides scholarships to a total of 3000 students between 2020 and 2024," said Yaya Sutarya.

The activity, which will be opened on Monday (6/9), will have the Chinese Deputy Minister of Education, the GTK Representative from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Deputy for Human Resources Development at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment and the Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia.

This activity will be held virtually for 10 days with 26 course for 40 hours. This activity is expected to give participants an overview on how education and culture in China is. Various types of skills will also be taught here such as the art of folding and cutting paper and Kung Fu.

Yaya Sutarya hopes that after this activity communication can be established between the participants and Laoshi (Teachers in China) so that in the future there may be more teachers or lecturers who can study in China.
“We’ve opened the opportunity for the participants, please use it as well as possible," said Yaya Sutarya. (Khairani Faizah, Tj.Lak)

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