Yogyakarta State University (YSU) won 1st Gold Medal Winner in The 4th International Innovation and Invention Competition (IIIC) in 2016 at the Ambassador Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan (13-15 / 12). The annual event was held by Chinese Innovation and Invention Society (CIIS) in cooperation with the Asia Invention Association (AIA).

YSU’s team consists of Rizal Justian Setiawan of Engineering Education Program, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University, Titik Wulandari and Widiastuti of Mathematics Program, Fauziyyah Diyah Anggita Sari from Chemistry Program, and Sayidatul Maslahah of Special Education Program, 2014.

The event was attended by hundreds of inventors from several countries, including Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Australia, Canada, Russia, USA, Bosnia, Thailand, Taiwan, Egypt, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Japan, where participants were divided on several groups with the theme of "Environment and Health" with five sub-themes, namely Classed A: Energy conservation and carbon reduction, Classed B: Protection and preservation of Range, Classed C: Green resource, Classed D: Environmental Health-Biotechnology and Classed E: Intelligent Living Technology.

The team joined under the class D by presenting scientific papers HERLOS Skin Care: Utilization of Waste Soybean and Kenanga Flower to Healthy Skin Care for sufferers of skin disease by the traditional machine method. "We utilize soybean waste combined with kenanga flower for skin care, both natural ingredients are proven to have very good content for people with skin diseases," he added.

When asked about the international competition, Rizal admits that the competition is very high. "The competition was attended by many participants who have innovated a very sophisticated and advanced research based some of which already have a patent," said the Student Runner Up National Achievement Diploma program in 2016. (haryo)