Immigration Guideline for Swadana Students



**social-cultural visa

***stay permit

****Yogyakarta Regional Office of Law and Human Rights          

*****Bureau of Foreign Affairs Planning and Cooperation


Table 1: The Required Documents for Visa Extension and ITAS Conversion

Required Documents


Visa Extension


· Sponsorship and Guarantee letters (from YSU) addressed to the Head of         Immigration Office

· Sponsor’s ID attached (from YSU)

· Immigration form no. 23 (form no. 23, 26, & 27 for the second extension)

· Original and copies of valid passport

· Original and copy of the visa

· A return ticket to your country (for the non-scholarship students only)

· Study permit and SETNEG (for Darmasiswa and KNB students)

· A recommendation letter from the sponsor

· A return ticket or itinerary

· A covering letter from OIAP

· Four (4) pieces of recent 3x4 and 2x3 size photos in red-background (for         the second extension)


Study Permit Application

· Admission form (your application letter to YSU)

· Acceptance Letter from YSU

· Declaration Letter

· Curriculum vitae

· Declaration Letter of Tuition Fee

· Sponsorship Letter

· A copy of passport (all pages)

· Health Certificate

· Copy of high school certificate or its equivalent or transcript of academic         record

· Four (4) pieces of recent 4x6 size close-up photos in red-background


ITAS Conversion

· Immigration form no.23, 26, & 27

· Letter of Guarantee from YSU OIAP to be addressed to the Immigration           Office

· Sponsorship Letter and copy of the sponsor’s ID

· Passport

· Copy of passport

· Copy of visa

· Curriculum vitae

· Study permit

· Four (4) pieces of recent 3x4 and 2x3 size close-up photos in red-             background

· SETNEG (for Darmasiswa and KNB students)


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