Prof. Dr. Indyah Sulistyo Arty


Research publication:

Synthesis  of Hydroxyl Radical Scavengers from Benzalacetone and It’s  Derivatives. Published in Journal of Physical Science  volume 19(2)2008.

The Educational Innovation for Taking Care of the Environment as the Instructional Materials of Natural Science Education based on the Pshychological and Social Perspectives, 2007

The Study of Crossed Aldol Condensation at the Synthesis of Asymmetric Dibenzalacetone, presented in Naresuan University Phitsanulok, Thailand in 2009

The Efforts of SDIT Alam “Nurul Islam”, Islamic Elementary School, to Improve the Students’ Natural Intellegence, presented in the seminar of Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science, Yogyakarta State University, 2009

Sintesis dan uji sitotoksisitas terhadap sel Hela dan sel Raji beberapa senyawa mono para-hidroksi kalkon (Synthesis and Cytotoxity Test on Hela and Raji Cells of Several Monopara-Hydroxy Kalkon Compounds) Published in Indo. J. Chemistry  Vol 10, No. 1 March, 2010

Universitas Gadjah Mada
Organic Chemistry
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