Prof. Dr. Zuhdan Kun Prastyo



Developing Assessment Instruments Based on Natural Science Education Taxonomy for Improving the Professionalism of the Physics Education in the Teaching Practicum Program, 2007

Implementing Domains of Education for Science to Improve the Learning Process in the Natural Science Education , 2008

Developing Models of Integrated Character Education in Elementary School Subjects , 2009

The Evaluation of the Teaching Performance of Natural Science Teachers of Elementary, Junior, and Senior High Shools in Yogyakarta Special Territory Province and Lectures of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Yogyakarta State University, 2010

Developing Integrated Scientific Instructional Instruments to Improve Cognitive Skills, Process Skills, Creativity as well as toApply Scientific Concepts for Senior High School Students)

The Instruction Model based on Domains of Education for Science to Improve the Natural Sciences Learning Activities

Houston University, Indonesian University of Education
Physics Education
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