The year 2011 students of the hospitality and fashion education department of the Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University held a fashion show in the auditorium of the university on Thursday, January 16th 2014 under the theme ‘Gracefully Ambrose”. The theme is aimed at showing feminine and graceful sides of women, regarding the whole-female students’ participation. The fashion show was opened by the Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Sunaryo Soenarto. The students were required to organize the event as their assignment in the Fashion Management subject. Starting from designing, modelling, to the core of the program, all of them were done by the students. “This event’s objectives are to develop the students’ skills, knowledge, and creativity to create fashion works along with providing the students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge as Event Organizer. At the same time, they can be the models for their own works, “explained the head of the Hospitality and Fashion Education Department, Noor Fitrihana, M.Eng.

        Beside the works of year 2011 students, the YSU macsots, the carnaval team also took part in this event by performing a fashion drama. The fashion drama revealed the colours of the Indonesian archipelago, wrapped in modernity of the Jogjanese Classical dance and Ranasmara dance performed by students of the Indonesian Arts Vocational High School. At the end of the program, the judges, representing the area of expertise such as modelling and the sponsors, announced the winner of each category. There were ten categories such as Best Costume and Photogenic. Fardina Agustantri won the first place by her Carribean Sea and Red Rose Carribean theme. (ratri)

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