Students of the Fashion Design Study Program of the Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University held a fashion show titled Authenticity for Human Nature (Authenture). A total of 103 students of the YSU featured the very best of their designs in this show. The event held in the YSU Auditorium was the final project of Diploma and Undergraduate students of the Department of Culinary Art and Fashion, Faculty of Engineering, YSU (19/4).

"This year, we chose the theme of Authenture, this is in line with the Resistance, trend forecasting 2016/2017," said the Committee Chairman Authenture, Marinda Yuni Asari. Resistance was a theme taken by the Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (APPMI) for the year of 2016/2017. The theme has a meaning that people need to protect themselves from a variety of challenges. Meanwhile, the Dean of FE YSU, Dr. Moch. Bruri Triyono, interpreted the theme as the idealism of someone who grew up with a variety of cultures. "So this night is about fashion harmonization with the environment", he said. "Therefore, the dress is not just about covering the vital parts, but, inside, there are also character, spirit and sensitivity to the surrounding environment," he suggested.

The performance demonstrated by the professional models was subdivided into four sessions with their respective theme, namely Biopop, Humane, Colony and Refugium. Marinda revealed that she and her friends took approximately four months to prepare everything. "Since December, we already had started to separate the meanings of the theme," she said. Authenture Fashion Show is the culmination of a series of assessments for the students. The assessment consists of measuring, fitting I, fittings II, booklet shooting, display and the grand jury votes.

At the end of the show, the juries declared the three best costumes from each class. Diploma 3 category was won by Tesaria Kurnia Putri with the evening party gown named Shape on The Track with railroads as the source of inspirations that use traditional striated fabrics. Meanwhile, the regular- undergraduate best costume class was won by Lutfi Mala'il Khusna with her Rhombus Interlace, inspired from wicker basket that has the shape of rhombus (diamond). The design was conceptualized by laser cutting innovation, like the shape of wicker baskets on the side of the dress. Furthermore, Non-regular Undergraduate category was won by Ristriana Pratomi with Monochromantic design inspired by the human skeletal structure. This design was intended to accommodate people in this age of technological progress that tends to have high impact activities. Therefore, the agronomic design with the principle of lightweight plastic textile was applied. (hryo-dafit)

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