“Main ke Jogja” Application Makes Visiting Places in Jogja More Exciting

“Main ke Jogja” Application Makes Visiting Places in Jogja More Exciting

Yogyakarta special territory province (Jogja) is the second tourism destination after Bali for tourists visiting Indonesia. Famous as the city of culture and education, the specialty of the province is reflected in its increasing number of tourists each year. To enable travellers to navigate easily throughout the region and find the right places to go, a group of YSU students at the Faculty of Engineering create an application for Windows Phone platform to make visiting places in Yogyakarta easier and more exciting. They are Hardika Dwi Hermawan, Sidik Nurcahyo, Miftah Rizqi Hanafi, and Azis Amirulbahar, who are currently majoring Information and Technology Education.

“Main ke Jogja,” which means visiting Jogja, is an application to find tourism places, culinary attractions, transportation and lodging available for visitors. Its unique and interactive features are in the “Cari Wisata” or look for destinations menu, which works using GPS and compass of the smartphone to find users’ locations and locate places near those locations.

“To optimize its work, we have upgraded the system to the second version and added more features like adding the tab functions. We try to continuously upgrade the system,” says Handika.

Another team member, Sidik, explained, “We hope that both local and international visitors can utilize this application when they are visiting Yogyakarta.”

Developing this application, the team was also one of the finalists for the national Inovation Technology Competition in 2014. The application can be downloaded from Windows Phone Store (http://www.windowsphone.com/id-id/store/app/main-ke-jogja/fe355412-262f-... ). (Yuliana)

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