Michigan State University (MSU), the United States has just sent 15 doctoral students studying Teacher Education program to follow Student Exchange Programme at Yogyakarta State University (YSU). The program lasted for one week, starting from May 15 until May 20, 2016.

During the programme, the students stayed with a Host Family, that were YSU lecturers. MSU students were also accompanied by YSU graduate student as their buddies, and some student volunteers from the Office of International Affairs and partnerships (OIAP) YSU.

"We sincerely welcome you all, wish you all learn Indonesian culture, especially Yogyakarta ", said Vice-Rector IV of YSU, Dr. rer.nat Senam at the Welcoming Ceremony in the Graduate Program YSU (16/5/2016). Those Michigan State University students will learn and witness how the educational system and the educational process run in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta which is famous as a city of education in Indonesia.

There are a series of activities they should follow during the week, including a visit to Religious Center, Peace Center, as well as in some schools in DIY, one of them in Al-Azhar Junior High School. In addition, they also make a visit to some of the sights around Yogyakarta, such as Merapi, Prambanan, and Malioboro.

In this current Student Exchange Programme, the doctoral students were accompanied by Dr. Laura Jean Apol and Dr. Warren Chezare. They both also gave a mini seminar at Abdullah Sigit Room, Faculty of Education YSU (16/5/2016).

The one-week programme was finally closed with the Closing Ceremony on Friday (20/5/2016) Graduate Program, YSU. At the event, there was a traditional perfoming art from Banjar called Madihin by a graduate student of Art Education YSU.
"We are grateful for the incredible reception by YSU in this agenda. We do hope, this activity can continue, so it strengthens the partnership between YSU and Michigan State University, "says Dr. Laura Jean Apol in the Closing Ceremony. The event ended with the presentation of token and a photo session. (Wulan)

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