16 UNY Students Tutor BIPA Students At Yale University


In 2023, the second time BIPA FBSB UNY was involved in assisting BIPA students from Yale University to learn Indonesian. This activity is a neat collaboration of UNY, UNNES, and UNS, each represented by Dr. Ari Kusmiatun, M.Hum., Dr. Wati Istanti, M.Pd., and Prof. Dr. Kundharu Saddono, M.Pd., in collaboration with Yale University, New Heaven, USA.

Yale University is one of the best universities in the United States which is currently ranked 18th in the QS list of best universities. This program involves Indonesian students who choose BIPA (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers) specialization to become tutors and conversation partners of Yale University students who are also studying BIPA. "In its implementation, Indonesian students will practice the BIPA knowledge they learn directly to tutor foreign students from Yale University," said Ari Kusmiatun. She further explained that later students will talk about the topic of vacation experiences, introduction to their home regions, Eid culture, hobbies, tours, etc.

With the BIPA internship program, it is hoped that it can contribute to widely introducing Indonesian language and culture in the international realm. BIPA Internship activities at Yale University provide experience for Indonesian students to get to know BIPA and international interaction. The benefits for Yale students are being able to communicate directly with native speakers and practice speaking Indonesian.

The Indonesian students involved are 47 students, which are divided into 16 UNY students, 16 UNNES students, and 15 UNS students. The 16 UNY students selected come from various Study Programs in FBSB UNY. The UNY students involved were Aryo Dwi Pangga, Sheva Maharani Ekaputri, Meita Erwanty Sumarna, Annisa Lintang Dharmaningtyas, Tasya Rizkia Unsabila, Najwa Sirodjudin, Yolanda Alesiandria, Arina Makarimal Fasya, Kaila Afifa, Stephanie Renata, Mutiara Rinjani, Salma Fiqiih, Saharani Putri Azzahra, M. Mico Nopriansyah, Chanifah, and Erick F. Simanjuntak. In 2023, the BIPA Internship Program will run online for two months (March - April). Due to the time difference between Indonesia and America which has a range of 11-12 hours, this activity is carried out at 21.00 - 24.00 WIB with a shift model. (Author :arik, Translator: Dewi)

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