The Double Degree Program for the master's degree between Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) and National Central University (NCU) Taiwan is one of the collaborative programs between the two institutions that have been running. This program has produced graduates with high competitiveness and competency.

Ayu Nuswantari and Cinthya Indrasyawati from the Instructional Technology  Study Program, then Muhammad Irfan Luthfi, and Rio Nurtantyana from the Electronics and Informatics Engineering Education Study Program at UNY were students who had taken double program. The four students were studied at the Graduate Institute of Network Learning Technology (NLT) in NCU Taiwan, one of the universities with a good rating in Taiwan.

The four students revealed that this program was very useful and very good in its implementation. Ayu explained that the curriculum and learning atmosphere at UNY and NCU were not much different, except that because the NCU was strong in its engineering. Students were required to learn achieving the expected competencies.

The four students have carried out the Oral Defense exam directly at NCU and the Live Video Conference at UNY by the three examiners from NCU and two examiners from UNY. The Oral Defense exam that runs for 40 minutes runs smoothly, assisted by Prof. Dr. Wu-Yuin Hwang as Head of Study Program and Supervisor at NCU. Regarding the research theme, the four students carried different themes, for example Irfan who developed android-based multimedia learning for math fraction, Ayu who developed the synchronous argumentation system.

This successful double degree program for the master's degree will be  a good consideration for further programs such as for the Ph.D degree program. It is expected that double degree program can improve the quality of UNY graduates and also opening further collaborative activities between UNY and NCU. (Ayu/ant)

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