On Thursday, March 31, 2016, held at the University Coordination Meeting Room, YSU, Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP) and the representation of the Yogyakarta State University’s academic community received the visit of Dr. Dely Elliot as the representation of the School of Education, University of Glasgow. The event was opened by a speech from Vice Rector IV, Prof. Hj Suwarsih Madya, PhD. She describes the profile of YSU and also stressed the opportunities of cooperation between the YSU and the University of Glasgow came from the understanding between two parties that education is an investment in the future. In the presentation, she also revealed that one of the areas that could be explored further between YSU and Glasgow is an international publication of scientific papers.

Dr. Dely Elliot as the academic staff of the School of Education had the opinion that the YSU and Glasgow have the same vision and mission. Both of them understand the importance of internationalization and globalization. Dr. Elliot then continued her presentation about the University of Glasgow, this university has a history of over 535 years and currently has a student body of about 25,000 people, both in Undergraduate and Post-Graduate levels. One innovation in their courses is the distance learning or distance learning by teleconference. This woman who teaches educational psychology also explains about the Flagship Courses or programs of study which are the spearhead of this university, one example is the Community Education and Museum Education.

The academic community of YSU also revealed the potential for cooperation such as Student Mobility and Study Abroad Articulation. Ashadi Ed.D as the representation of the Graduate Program YSU also inquired about the detailed areas of cooperation that could be explored between UNY and Glasgow. There are some things that need to be considered for the post-graduate cooperation, including the length and format of the dissertation and also regarding the joint supervision between academic faculties from both sides.
This visit is then closed with a joint photo session events and exchange souvenirs from both sides. (andre)

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