The uncontrolled flow of imported fashion is inevitably a threat for local designers, especially in the rise of local fashion industry recently supported by several factors; a better quality of product, increasing economy, and the popularity of online retail.

As a consequence, students from both Fashion Design Study Program (S1 and D3) sparked an idea to support local fashion by conducting a fashion show called “TROMGINE”, an abbreviation for The Role of Millennial Generation in Natural/Natural on the next April 11th 2019 at Auditorium of UNY.

Nuning Pangestuti, one of the committee of TROMGINE explains that the event is held as a means to attract young generation known as Millennial Generation to take part in the world’s development process.“As modern generation having computer and digital literacy, they have an important role in increasing nation’s competitiveness in this disruption era.” she said.

“The fashion show is held as self-actualization of integrating Indonesia’s strong values made into a fashion show where heritage of Indonesia is being presented.” Nuning said.

In presenting their works, students are encouraged to widely explore ideas from even remote areas in Indonesia and present them in a world-class standard. Students’ works later will be documented as their scientific paper included as part of their final project. “This event is expected to be able to introduce the many cultural heritage Indonesia has as well as a means of developing students’ creativity in creating new innovative works.” she added.

Later in the event, there is going to be a competition to decide the best design according to the panel of judges and the favorite design judged by audiences.

Ticket box will be available in the lobby of Hospitality Engineering and Fashion Design of Faculty of Engineering UNY or have a call at 0895379765248. (hryo/terj.AJN)

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