UNY students successfully create applications that can run on mobile devices, and provide parameters for air temperature against volcanic eruptions before the disaster disaster. Periodic air temperature measurements through this application can improve community preparedness in daily activities on the slopes of volcanoes, researchers in conducting research on volcanoes, and the government in determining the right time for rapid evacuation.
The students consist of Debby Agustin (Biology), Roni Marudut Situmorang (Geography Education), Singgih Bekti Worsito (Mechatronics Engineering Education), Rifaldy Fajar (Mathematics), Riana Dwi Kurniawati (Indonesian Language and Literature Education), Prihantini (Mathematics) Kristian Bayu Ardianto (Sports Coaching Education) and Lailatul Fitriyah (Biology Education).The research even won a gold medal and three special awards in the event The 2nd World
Invention and Innovation Forum (WIIF) recently in Foshan, China. The Special Awards are among the Best Award given by the Women's Inventors Association "NOVA" Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gold Award given by Manila Young Inventos Association, Philippines and Appreciated Award given by Indian Innovators Association, India. This year's competition is held by China of Inventions (CAI) and Foshan Municipal Government in collaboration with International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA).
The UNY team, represented by Debby Agustin and Roni Marudut Situmorang, presented the work entitled Volcansmart: Pre-Disaster Mitigation Volcano Eruption Android App. Volcansmart is a technology to predict eruption of merapi through temperature and pressure based on android.Debby Agustin explained that the event was followed by inventors from several countries, including Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mozambique, Morocco, Nigeria, Filipino, Poland, Serbia, Sudan, Sweden, Syria, Togo, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uganda, USA, Vanuatu, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Japan, Singapore and Korea. The participants are divided into several topics: Artificial intelligence, Civil-military integration, Commercialization of invention achievements as well as international technological transfers, Policies for innovations of science and technologies, Youth innovative education and Imagination of future science and technology.
In this competition, Debby added, UNY team is the only representative from Indonesia and become the youngest team (Undergraduate Students) while the other team is dominated by participants who hold Master, Doctor and Professor. (witono)

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