UNY students made a wallet with a security system that will inform the owner when the wallet is more than 10 meters apart from its owner. Uniquely, the wallet is made of banana midrib fiber, given a Javanese letter pattern. They are Asni Muslimah (Clothing Engineering Education), Annisa Nurfatimah Febrianti (Accounting Education), Annisa Alimah Ufairoh (Physical Education), Latifah Nur Khasanah (Chemical Education), and Atiqotul Maula Al Farihah (Sociological Education). According to Asni Muslimah, they made the smart wallet because many people still use conventional wallets.

"We use banana midrib to add more economic value for the material that is considered as waste and potentially pollute the environment," said Asni. Banana midrib, the primary material for the wallet, must go through several processes. The first process is the banana stem drying process which takes about one week. This process cannot be done in a hurry to avoid fibers that are easily torn and dull in color. Then, the dried banana stem is then woven into a piece of cloth and ready to be sewn.

This wallet has a proximity sensor with a Bluetooth module regarding security features. The sensor contained in the wallet will inform the wallet owner if it is 10 meters away from the owner's cellphone by sounding like a siren. The owner needs to track the whereabouts of his wallet through the cellphone. "We named it a smart wallet or abbreviated as Dompi to make it familiar to the public," said Annisa Alimah Ufairoh.

Visually, this wallet has a Javanese letter motif. In addition, this wallet also has a scientific motif. This design variation is expected to be a medium for preserving the uniqueness of Javanese culture through Javanese script patterns and, at the same time, providing a unique aesthetic value. (Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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