Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FMS), Yogyakarta State University (YSU) shows its strong intention to participate in the attempt of bringing YSU to the World Class University, namely through building international cooperation with University of Hull (UH), United Kingdom. Housed in Meeting Room 1 FMS, this discussion was emphasized on seeking potential collaboration between FMS YSU and UH. Attending the discussion were Dr. Hartono, M.Si. as the Dean of FMS, and also Head of Mathematics Education, Head of Physics, and Staff of Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP) YSU. Meanwhile, Dr Mark Lorch, lecturer of Chemistry, attended the discussion as a representative of UH.

The discussion was led by Dr. Ariyadi Wijaya, a lecturer of Mathematics Education. It started with brief explanation regarding the profile of both universities. Then, it proceeded to discussing potential collaborative programs between the universities. “We have established a new department for Master Program, namely Science Communication, that is schience wrapped in interesting communication media thus science could be communicated well, especially to children”, Mark pointed out. Moreover, he also stated his willingness to be arm-in-arm with YSU for collaboration in that field.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hartono, M.Si also signaled the possibility of joint-program for Post Doctoral study. He questioned about the funding and scholarship in UH. Mark explained that UH only offers scholarship in the form of 20% reduction for tuition yet he did not limit the possibility for other funding sources, such as Indonesian government.

Before ending this discussion, Ariyadi Wijaya addressed an inquiry “How is the procedure to apply a study program in University of Hull?”. Mark revealed that the procedure is quite the same with application in other foreign universities. However, registering in University of Hull is much more simple as all the processes are going through an online system. (Wulan)

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