“Internationalization in YSU comes up roses, with good cooperation, internasionalization is not impossible to realize”, says Dr-Ing Satoto E Nayono MEng MSc in welcoming representatives of Sultan Agung Islamic University (Unissula) of Semarang who paid a visit to Yogyakarta State University (YSU) on Friday (11/12/2015). The UNISSULA deputation namely Muna Yastuti Madrah, MA as Head of Cooperation Unit and Retno Dwi Fajriati, S.Pd as Secretary of International Language Development Unit were warmly greeted in West Senate Room, YSU Rectorate building.

To depict the internationalization in YSU, Satoto delivered a presentation regarding aspects and working system in the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP), YSU. “OIAP was previosly under one umbrella with YSU Public Relations, then in 2010, the unit has been separated. Now, OIAP is under the coordination of YSU Vice Rectors for Cooperation and Development,” he asserted. The agenda proceeded to presenting videos of events conducted by OIAP.

One video which caught most attention of UNISSULA deputation is a video about BIPA (Indonesian for Non-native Speakers). Muna revealed her curiousity regarding the program, “In YSU, it seems the program has long been established. We (UNISSULA) intend to set up the program”. She stressed out UNISSULA recently proposed to be the partner university for accepting students of Darmasiswa ( An Indonesian government program to call for foreign youth to learn language and culture of Indonesia for 1 year), but we faced an obstacle in terms of the unavailability of BIPA program. Therefore, Muna and Retno exposed their intention to acquire the knowledge of establishing the program from YSU. (Wulan)

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