Scientific work is an important part of the world of education. With the Mendeley application, it will be easier to write various scientific works such as paper assignment, thesis, dissertation, research report and scientific journal. Mendeley desktop will enrich research reference sources, research result and compile writing according to correct citation procedure, managing reference documents and also help writers to learn the latest research development. For this reasons, Graduate Students Community of UNY organized Mendeley Training. The training was attended by 76 students from master and doctoral program.

According to Mashudi, S.Pd as the Head of UNY’s Graduate Students Community, this event will  to train students' hard skills to use the Mendeley application program. "Benefits from mastering Mendeley Application are improved accuracy of citation and neatness of citations in the article so that it will have significantly good structure. Thus, it will prevent potential plagiarism," he explained.

Compared with previous year training, current training has many improvement. The participants were not only from UNY Postgraduate students, but from other universities. The training model uses parallel classes. The instructor is supported by UNY students who has rich experience in using Mendeley. That’s why, there are 2 instructor provided in a class.

Mashudi, S.Pd believed that these improvement are well accepted by participants. Based on Google Form filled by the participants, more than 80% of participants felt comfortable with class conditions and understanding of the material was easily accepted. (kmp /ant; Tj.Lak)

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