Bargaining in Demangan Market


On Monday (30/11/2015), international students taking BIPA (Indonesian Language for Non-native Speakers) course attended a tutorial class in the outside, that is, in Demangan market. First, they had to walk in an extremely sunny day, but it did not discourage their intention and curiosity to join the class. “I never go to Demangan market”, says one of the international students in full of enthusiasm.

They were assigned to shop in the traditional market while practicing bargaining. Each was given IDR 10,000 to buy as many goods as possible within 20 minutes. They seemed ablaze with excitement and each was competing to get the highest amount of goods within the time. In the occasion, each student showed his/her best performance in bargaining, and sometimes they had to tell the sellers they are not tourists, but ordinary students so they requested for much cheaper rate.What is unique is when the sellers approached the students, asked for their name, shaked hand, and chit-chated with them. “All people were looking for us and they looked hospitable and friendly. They offered us goods”, as revealed by one of the students. “Some of them called us mister, I think they really wanted to make friend with us” explained another student excitedly.

There was a student obtaining free fruit from the seller. “He gave it for free to me, he is so kind”. Overall, the students were warmly welcomed and this outdoor tutorial class encourages their willingness to study, since by having field practice, they can more understand how to apply their knowledge of Indonesian language that they obtain in the class. (riris)

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