Based on the Law on Teachers and Lecturers No. 14 of 2005 states that teachers must have academic qualifications, competencies, educator certificates, physically and mentally healthy, and have the ability to realize national education goals. Teacher competencies include pedagogical competencies, personality competencies, social competencies, and professional competencies obtained through professional education. In line with this, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta as an educational institution that produces educators and educators is given the mandate to organize Professional Teacher Education (PPG). For this period, the implementation of PPG at UNY has reached Batch 5.

On Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at the UNY Auditorium the PPG orientation in the batch 5 Position was attended by 561 participants. This PPG orientation is a series of activities that must be followed by PPG participants. PPG activities begin with an online exam, after being declared passed, continue to report, and follow the orientation that is currently being carried out. Next they have to take part in workshops, PPL, UKMPPG activities.

In his remarks the Rector of UNY said that the aim of the teacher profession program was to strengthen teachers to become professional teachers who are magnificent. Being a professional teacher demands expertise. Developing expertise in the field of study is important.  It is also necessary to  change the need to complete PPG  program simply to obtain certification. It must be set  more on the need  for self-development as professional teachers.

To regain a sense of nationalism, UNY Rector invited all PPG participants to sing the song "Tanah Airku" and "Rayuan Pulau Kelapa". Hopefully, those song will strengthen the spirit of nationalism and drive teachers further  to become the best for the nation as professional teachers.

In addition, Sutrisna Wibawa also conveyed that what is meant by professional teachers must at least (a) have expertise in their fields, (b) have responsibilities that prioritize the main task or become a teacher is a calling, (c) have a partnership tied in professional organizations.

The teacher has the task of teaching and educating, teaching with the transfer of knowledge, while educating with the transformation of values. Both will form attitudes and behavior. Being a teacher should have things that make other people fascinated, attitude that makes friendly and comfortable when nearby, using technology that always updates information for that teacher must be familiar with the online system, establish interactive interaction between the two while in the midst of students , as well as making students the center of activity.

After the general lecture material by the Rector entitled "Becoming a Professional Teacher", the orientation material continued with the theme of "the Curriculum Structure and PPG Learning System in Position", and ended with the Administrative Orientation.

The Teacher Profession Program Batch 5 organizes 10 study programs, namely Elementary School Teachers, Kindergarten Class Teachers, Special Education, English, Cultural Arts, Physics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Sociology, Computer Technology and Information Technology. Distribution of participants are from 22 provinces in Indonesia. (Sdr).

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