Bona’s Dream

Bona’s Dream

Bonaventura Taplo or Bona is one of 18 fourth grade students at SD Inpres Tinibil Elementary School, Oksamol, Pegunungan Bintang District, Papua. The 9 year old is the brightest student compared to other students in his class in spite of being the youngest of all. His body is the smallest one but he’s the most determined student.
Ageng Hening Hutomo, a teacher of YSU Scholars Teaching in the outermost, disadvantaged and frontier regions, told his story on his days as a teacher in Papua. One student who has been his favorite, Bona, goes to the family field which is far away from his house every single day. He will bring his notebook and a sweet potato in his Noken (a traditional bag made of bark). Each day, he has to collect foods and firewood for cooking. A child of his age should be playing with his mates, but Bona has to find ways to survive.
When going to school, sometimes Bona doesnt wear his uniform and is going barefoot. However, he enjoys the lessons most. One day, Ageng was teaching the social sciences to students about occupations. “I asked them who they wanted to be and I got many different answers. They wanted to be a doctor, a police officer, or a farmer,” he said. At that time, acting like a corp, Bona spontaneously answered, “I want to be a police officer, Sir! My dream is bigger than this school. I know I can do it, Sir!”
Ageng was stupified, he really hoped that Bona would be able to realise his dream. “Limitations in this school are by no means obstacle for them to reach their dreams,” he said.
SD Inpres Tinibil Elementaty School is on shortages of textbooks, teaching media, and learning resources. Its main asset is the school building. Only some of the students have got their uniform. Many of them do not have uniform and go to school barefooted. Even the teachers on duty are leaving classes for farming. It is hoped that the condition will improve by participation of novice teachers to teach the students there.

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