Education is required to use advanced technology to maximize learning activity in Industrial Revolution 4.0. According to the National Achievement Center of Indonesia, they are committed to developing the achievements of learners and educational units better. The Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM) then was made as a comprehensive endeavor to encourage students in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to create innovations in solving problems and issues around them. This competition demands insight and understanding of students who are broad in the field of information technology and digitalization science. Good soft skills, well-communicated, and responsibility are essential skills that students need to meet in creating innovation to win this competition.

Five subdivisions are contested in LIDM 2021. Those are the Digital Technology Innovation Division of Education, the Education Digital Material Innovation Division, the Education Digital Video Division, the Education Poster Division, and the Digital Microteaching Division. Each division was selected 20 finalists to be allowed to present their work on Saturday, September 18, 2021, held online.

The Brigida Meraki UNY’s team, Fairuz Zalfa Nabila, Arif Irawan, Iin Nur Aisyah, and Raditya Bhadra Nugraha, managed to deliver a presentation entitled "Fractional Material Worth" whose won 1st Place in the Digital Microteaching Division under guidance from Sekar Purbarini Kawuryan, M.Pd.'s in LIDM 2021.

Fairuz, leader of The Brigida Mekari Team, said that the Covid-19 pandemic gave the vast change from conventional learning to online learning abruptly. Therefore, innovation and utilization of digital technology in learning are obviously demanded. "We the Brigida Meraki Team of Yogyakarta State University with this video present the design and creation of digital microteaching videos that we have made before," she explained. This video was made as one of the provisions of the final round of Division V; the digital microteaching division. The video shows how to design and create digital microteaching videos that include the basis of material retrieval, learning planning process, application of teaching skills, and the use of technology/media/learning tools. The learning video can be seen through YouTube; And we hope that the digital microteaching we designed can inspire Indonesia's online education system in the future.”

Fairuz added "Our team’s name Brigida Meraki means "doing everything with all your heart and creativity to achieve victory". The victory we obtained was not only because of our efforts but also the supports from our PGSD friends, lecturers, and related parties. We hope that we can inspire more students particularly other FIP (Faculty of Education) students to more participate in such an event".

In addition, FIP UNY also sent two teams that entered the final round, they are the Gelatik team and the Marvel team. This year, UNY has successfully become the general champion in LIDM 2021 with 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni of FIP UNY, Dr. Joko Pamungkas, M.Pd., on behalf of the Faculty of Education UNY congratulated the students who have participated in LIDM 2021. "Hopefully this achievement becomes our pride of the Faculty of Education, in particular, and UNY in general," he said. (rit, Tj.Dev)

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