The World Indonesianist Congress 2019 is a forum that offers an opportunity for Indonesianist to share ideas and thought about Indonesia. To build Indonesia’s future, it is essential to take further effort on human capital development as highlighted by President Joko Widodo. Such statement are made by Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Abdurrahman M. Fachir in the opening of 2019 The World Indonesianist Congress under the theme of ‘Building a Better Future of Indonesia: Toward of Tolerant, Vibrant and Creative Society’ at UNY’s Faculty of Languages and Arts, Monday(10/14). The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasizes further on the important role of all participants to contribute to the future of Indonesia. “Indonesianist are intellectuals, academics, and international researchers with special interest in Indonesia. But also, in a broader understanding are included by any foreigner with special affection for Indonesia,” Abdurrahman M. Fachir said. Indonesianist contributions are very important on how to understand Indonesia’s identity as a multicultural country, how to respect any diversity on religious belief, ethnicity and any other identities. The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs acknowledge the fact that many Indonesianist have done numbers of researches or publishing articles and books  about Indonesia. Such contribution hopefully will be able to strengthen the future development of Indonesia human capital and contribute further on Indonesia economic transformation.

The Governor of Yogyakarta, represented by the Head of Social Economic and Culture of Yogyakarta Nation Unity and Politic Agency, Rusdiyanto welcomed the congress participant. “It is an honor for Yogyakarta to be chosen as the place for the World Indonesianist Congress. Yogyakarta is miniature of Indonesia. Widely known for its ethnicity, religion, and thought and people diversity. Yogyakarta is also known as city of students and center of Javanese culture with people characteristic for being humble, polite and friendly.

UNY’s Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Margana gave a warm welcome the congress participant. There are 4 things to do for us in the 21st century namely creativity and innovation, critical thinking on problem solving, communication and collaboration,”Margana said. Margana expected that the congress will give valuable contribution for Indonesia. The World Indonesianist Congress will be conducted to 16 October 2019. Hundreds of international participant will join various panel session conducted by Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with UNY, UGM and ISI Yogyakarta. The invited speakers are Governor of Lemhanas, President Expert Staff, and Expert from UGM dan UIN Syarif Hidayatullah. (Dedy;Tj.Lak)

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