Catfish Wastewater And Chicken Manure As Natural Fertilizer


The trend of growing fruit in pots or tabulampot is rising in Indonesia. Tambulampot cultivation has many benefits. With proper care, this method can generate greater profits, a high success rate, bear fruit out of season, be easy to move, and be developed in various fields. To support tabulampot care, a group of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta(UNY) students consist of Irfan Aldi Fitrian and Annisa Kusumawati, Ahmad Sauki Al Zamani, and Shibghotulloh Umar Rosyadi made an environment  friendly fertilizer . It was made of natural wastewater from catfish farming with a biofloc system and chicken manure. This fertilizer is environmentally friendly and does not cause long-term adverse effects for plants. This organic fertilizer is in liquid form and boosts plant growth.

According to Irfan Aldi Fitrian, the biofloc system of catfish farming is a catfish farming business with a high stocking density, the use of a high amount of feed, the addition and periodic water replacement in large quantities, as well as producing large amounts of wastewater. The biofloc system of catfish farming wastewater is in the form of accumulation of organic residues from feed residues, catfish manure, feed particles, and bacteria and algae.

"Wastewater from intensive system catfish cultivation can be processed into organic fertilizer, especially liquid organic fertilizer," said Irfan. Unfortunately, continued Irfan, the potential for catfish farming wastewater has not been utilized optimally. It is often found that catfish cultivators still throw away the wastewater around their settlements. The water produced by the biofloc system contains a lot of organic matter, especially the high nitrogen content. The nitrogen content in the cultivation water can be used as fertilizer for plants.

Annisa Kusumawati added that chicken manure could also be used as organic fertilizer for plants because it contains high elements of nitrogen, as well as potassium and phosphorus. "Compared to other manure, compost from chicken manure has the highest nutrient content," said Annisa. The reason is that the liquid part and the solid part of chicken feces are mixed together, where the nitrogen element is three times more than other types of fertilizers.

Ahmad Sauki Al Zamani said that the raw materials in the manufacture of fertilizer named "Mbah Eka" are dry chicken manure and catfish waste. “The catfish waste can be taken from the pond. Meanwhile, chicken manure is taken from the resident's chicken coop," added Ahmad Sauki. (Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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