Celebrating the 60th anniversary of UNY through the performance of 'Dumadine Kampung Emas Ngendraprastha'


"This wayang (shadow puppet) show is one of the implementations of art development in Kampung Emas Seyegan. We have committed to encouraging music, dance, and other arts. Hopefully, our activities will benefit the people of Seyegan and its surroundings," said UNY Rector, Prof. Sumaryanto, in the Celebration of the 60th anniversary of UNY.

UNY lecturer, Dr. Sukisno, was entrusted to be the dalang (puppeteer) in the shadow puppet show entitled 'Dumadine Kampung Emas Ngendraprastha'. This title takes a close relationship between the play and the real establishment of the Seyegan Golden Village which has 9 blessings.

"The story in this performance illustrates UNY's efforts to develop its students into excellent, creative, and innovative human beings, firm in faith and noble character who are ready to work hard in learning. This will encourage faculty members of UNY to work hard and provide the best service so that students themselves feel comfortable and happy to study at UNY, "said Prof. Siswanto, Chairman of the UNY Golden Village Laboratory. (Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.lak)

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