The Faculty of Sport Science (FSS) of UNY celebrates the 70th anniversary on October 1, 2021. This year's celebration takes the theme "Physical Education with Noble Characters for a Tough Indonesia".

FSS UNY has shown its important roles in various fields, including the achievements made by its students from the district to international levels and the improvement of academic services. The achievements of Lindu Setyawati, Lu'lu'ul Ilmi, and Muh. Abdul Haris at the "UNJ International Virtual Pencak Silat Championship 2021" which was held on August 21 to 22 2021 is one of the hints on how students have progress to aim higher at international level. On the educator quality improvement, in 2021 FSS UNY has 15 professors, and 2 lecturers are in the process of proposing to become professors.

To support the implementation of education, FSS UNY already has various international standard facilities. Some of them include athletics and football stadiums, tennis courts, badminton courts, sports halls (GOR), fitness centres, archery fields, and several other facilities. FSS is also carrying out regular maintenance and facilities update. Hopefully, it will give students and the community a safe and comfort experience.

Several new Study Programs have also been successfully opened by FSS for scientific, technological and institutional development. These study programs include Elementary School Physical Education for Bachelor and Master programs. FSS UNY also has opened applied undergraduate programs (Diploma 4), namely Indonesian Traditional Medicine (PTI), Health Promotion (Promkes) and Recreational Business Management (PUR). The purpose of opening this Applied Undergraduate Program is to increase collaboration between university and the world of industry. (Khairani Faizah, Tj.Lak)

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