Sunday (11/5/2014), Bird Watcher Group (Kelompok Pengamat Burung/KPB) Bionic Yogyakarta State University together with Yogyakarta Community of Bird Watchers (Paguyuban Pengamat Burung Jogja/PPBJ) celebrated World Migratory Bird Day (WMWD) at 0 kilometre of Yogyakarta. They exhibited bird photographies, held information session on migrant birds, and invited the visitors in bird watching. The celebration, WMWD, is held annually in the diferent spots, such as at 0 kilometre of Yogyakarta, kaliurang Hiils and other convenient locations. Through the activities, they promoted visitors to preserve birds and their habitats in the nature.

Bowo, the chairman of the committe, said that the students and the natives had gathered in the community because they cared about birds and their habitats.

Migratory birds are birds which fly in groups moving to regions with warmer climate because of extreme climate in their habitat. When the northen part of the earth begins to be cold in the winter, migrant birds will fly to the sothern part of the earth to survive. They will come back to the north when the southern part is in winter. During the long journey, they take rest and forage for a while, like in Yogyakarta, and then continuing the journey.

Yogyakarta is one of the flyways. “The stopovers in Yogyakarta are Trisik beach, 0 kilometre of Yogyakarta, Plawangan-Turgo Heel and The Suroloyo Moutain Pass. The birds who layover in those areas are pelagic birds, predators (eagles), Jalak Cina (Sturnus sturninus), layang-layang api (Hirundo rustica), and some riparian birds”, Sitta, the member of the association, informed the visitors. (prajawan/witono)

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