Cesupa Cake, a Delectable Breadfruit Cendol Pandan Cake. Made by UNY student.


Breadfruit (a tropical fruit in Indonesia) is commonly consumed in Indonesia and has the potential to be developed into contemporary food products. This is due to the high nutritional value of breadfruit, and will be abundant during the harvest season. However, the community has not been able to cultivate it optimally. During the harvest season, A large amount of breadfruit is damaged and wasted because it is not cultivated or harvested properly. Those can affect the quality of the breadfruit including the fruit is bruised, the flash turns brown, and tastes bitter. Not only in the harvesting process but also in the cultivating process, the community is still limited. Generally, breadfruit is cooked by steaming and frying only. Yet, in the hands of UNY students, breadfruit can be be made into a favorite snack among young people. Nur Ayunda Rohmah made it into Cesupa Cake, a delectable breadfruit cendol pandan cake.

The student in the culinary education program at the Faculty of Engineering UNY said that she chose breadfruit because it is a local food with a low-fat energy source, as well as a good fiber and mineral supply. 100 grams of breadfruit, contains carbohydrates of 28.2 grams. When breadfruit is ground into flour, the carbohydrate content rises to 78.9%. Furthermore, because breadfruit contains 16.37% dietary fibre, it can enhance nutritious value to food products. "I first grind the breadfruit into flour," said Yunda (her nickname). Breadfruit flour has a similar texture to wheat flour, making it an ideal substitute. Breadfruit flour also has a high carbohydrate and fiber content, which increases the nutritional and nutritive value of food products. Furthermore, because breadfruit flour has not been widely used as an alternative ingredient, commercial prospects abound, as does the selling value of breadfruit.

She added that Cesupa Cake is a cake product made from breadfruit flour. It is a 5x5 cm square slice cake with a height of roughly 6 cm. "This product is made up of two layers of pandan-flavored sponge cake that are filled with palm sugar coconut milk-flavored cream," she explained. Topped with a layer of jackfruit cendol pudding with a savory coconut milk flavor. Garnished with little circular green-colored chocolate embellishments resembling breadfruit skin. The garnish reflects that the Cesupa Cake product is a breadfruit flour substitution. Cesupa Cake has a moist texture and a sweet and savory flavor that is characteristic of cendol. This product is a combination of green, white, and brown in appearance, similar to cendol. Cesupa Cake has a strong pandan and coconut milk flavor, similar to cendol. Cesupa Cake is wrapped in lacquered mica packaging to ensure its safety and portability.

The ingredients needed are breadfruit flour, wheat flour, eggs, cornstarch, granulated sugar, margarine, baking powder, milk, pandan essence, emulsifier, butter, cooking cream, palm sugar, coconut milk, jackfruit, cendol (rice-flour droplets) and pandan leaves. The cooking equipments required are a baking sheet, oven, mixer and whisk. To make a pandan breadfruit cake, first beat the eggs, sugar, and emulsifier until it is fluffy, white, and crumbly. Then, add the melted margarine and pandan essence, and mix well. Then add the flour, breadfruit flour, and cornstarch, and stir with a folding technique so that the dough can be mixed well. Pour the batter into a pan that has been smeared with margarine and lined with parchment paper then bake at 180 degrees Celsius for ± 35 minutes until cooked. Once the batter is baked, cut the cake with a 5 cm ring cutter. Cover the cake with coconut milk flavored cream and palm sugar, then cover with the second cake layer, then pour coconut milk flavored agar-agar with cendol and jackfruit pieces in it. Let the agar-agar harden and the Cesupa Cake is ready to serve.

To make the pandan and brown sugar cream, mix the palm sugar with coconut milk and pandan leaves, and cook until the palm sugar dissolves. Cool the mixture to ±2 degrees Celsius and then mix the palm sugar solution and whipping cream powder. Beat until stiff. Coconut milk and palm sugar whipping cream are ready to use. Cendol pudding is used as topping in this Cesupa Cake. To make the Cendol pudding, combine agar-agar, sugar, and water. Bring to a boil. Add jackfruit pieces and cendol. The cendol pudding is ready to be poured over the Cesupa Cake.

This product was made as one of the materials for the Samboga Atyasa Boga Product Exhibition held by UNY's culinary education study program. According to the Chairperson of the Culinary Education Study Program, Dr. Badraningsih Lastariwati, this exhibition is a dissemination stage of research and development of culinary product innovation. "Everything on display is a high-quality product that has a high value of taste and has benefits for society. One of them is the benefit of serving healthy food," said Badraningsih. (Author: Sinta/Ranin, Editor: Dedy, T: Ira_Rinjani)

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