Closing Ceremony for UNY’s Pertukaran Mahasiswa Merdeka (PPM)

UNY send off students participating in the UNY Independent Student Exchange Program

UNY sent off 137 students who participated in the Independent Student Exchange (PMM) 2 in the Rector's Main Meeting Room on Friday (6/1). UNY Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Siswantoyo, said that next year's PMM program student services would be further improved in line with the change in status of UNY from Public Service University to a State University with a Legal Entity. "The PMM students will be placed in the UNY Wedomartani dormitory starting on August 29, 2022 and ending on January 6, 2023," he said.

“Pertukaran Mahasiswa Merdeka (PPM)” Program is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology in the form of a domestic student exchange program for 1 (one) semester. This program will allow students to gain learning experience at the best tertiary institutions (PT) throughout Indonesia. A total of 137 students from 47 universities in Indonesia studied in 27 study programs at UNY. Participants must complete 25 Nusantara Module activities facilitated by 7 Archipelago Module lecturers and seven mentors. Through this program, students will get credit recognition of up to 20 credits. Students can also directly experience the cultural diversity of the archipelago, both in writing and practice. (Author : Pras; Editor : Dedy; Tj.Lak)

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