For three consecutive days, Teater Triyasa performed the drama “Orkes Madun” by Arifin C. Noer at UNY Performance Hall started from 24 to 26 april 2019. Unlike common performances that is set as pentalogy, Teater Triyasa has summarized the script without reducing the story essence.

In 1999, Arifin C. Noer published 4 drama scripts under general title “Orkes Madun”. The four drama scripts are consist of "Madekur dan Tarkeni atawa Orkes Madun I", "Umang-Umang atawa Orkes Madun II", "Sandek, Pemuda Pekerja atawa Orkes Madun III", and "Ozone atawa Orkes Madun IV". Arifin’s actual script was planned to be five series or pentalogy. The last script planned under the title “Magma”. Unfortunately, he died before completing the script. His students turned the idea for “Magma” into comic stories.  But still, “Orkes Madun” is known as a pentalogy theatre although it does not actually appear in five series.

Teater Triyasa performed under 3 drama titles: Madekur dan Tarkeni, Umang-Umang Sandek, and Magma Ozone. Madekur dan Tarkeni performed on 24 April 2019. For Umang-Umang Sandek performed on 25 April 2019. Magma Ozone set as the last performance on 26 April 2019.

Noverico Cahya Pratama, one of the directors of the Teater Triyasa stated that the selection of Orkes Madun was based on their desire to display works of art that were closely related to the lives of marginalized people. "The messages conveyed (in Orkes Madun) are full of social values," Noverico said.

Agung Dwi Prakoso, Production Head of Teater Triyasa stated that they tried to find a new formula in theatre performances by presenting the stories of Orkes Madun in full and performed in succession. "Usually only one script is staged," Agung said.
The three performances of Orkes Madun were initiated by Teater Triyasa and directed by Noverico Cahya Pratama, Janu Wisnanto, and Afaf L.K. (Muhammad Abdul Hadi / JK)

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