Cooperation between UNY and Wuling Motors in human resource development through Technician & Customer Care Training


As a new player in the automotive, PT SGMW Sales Indonesia's sales have increased since 2017. In 2021, vehicle unit sales amounted to 23,290; in 2022, sales increased to 33,000. The increasing sales of vehicle units encourage PT Wuling Motor Indonesia to provide after-sales services by increasing sales and maintenance workshops throughout Indonesia. The number of specialized human resources to provide aftersales services at PT SGMW Sales Indonesia is 521 people (2020), 611 people (2021), and 792 people (2022). The innovation made by Wuling Motors as an effort to develop new energy vehicles is by presenting an electric vehicle known as GSEV. Sales of Wuling GSEV globally have reached 650,000 units. Training activities conducted by PT SGMW Sales Indonesia are currently carried out centrally at the Training Facility in Jakarta, which has a capacity of 3 classes per training. Training instructors are given to third parties (vendors) through an open bidding process. Therefore, the Yogyakarta State University lecturer team offers solutions to overcome the three obstacles currently being faced by PT SGMW Sales Indonesia. To improve the quality of human resources in aftersales services, a team of lecturers and assisted by students provide training related to Technician Training & Customer Care. The UNY lecturer team consists of Ibnu Siswanto, Ph.D., Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, Prof. Setyabudi Indartono, Prof. Herminarto Sofyan, Dr. Zainal Arifin, Dr. Deni Hardianto, and Ayu Sandra Dewi, M.Pd.

According to Chief Executive Ibnu Siswanto, three obstacles arise in training activities at PT. SGMW Sales Indonesia are training facilities that are still centralized in Jakarta with limited capacity and require high transportation, accommodation, and training costs, especially when they have to bring trainees from outside Jakarta then the vendor who won the tender for the last five years has advantages in terms of managerial but weak in terms of engineering, and the difficulty of PT. SGMW Sales Indonesia in making promotional media and training on electric cars. One of the strategic plans of PT SGMW Sales Indonesia is to provide the best service to a wider range of consumers by developing 5 regional training centers in Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Sulawesi. "In order for the five regional training centers to provide quality and well-standardized training services, an integral system is needed with the support of the Learning Management System (LMS)" said Ibnu, Tuesday (11/4).

Deni Hardianto explained that this collaboration received funding from the Matching Fund-Kedaireka Kemendikbudristek. "The activities carried out are LMS development, animation media development for Wuling electric cars, technician and customer care training, industrial internships and teaching practitioners on campus," he said. Human Resources specifically for aftersales services at PT SGMW Sales Indonesia receive training to improve their quality. There are 5 types of training conducted per the field of work: Technician training, Service Advisor (SA) training, Service Manager training, Spare Part training, and Customer Care training. The UNY Matching Fund Team after coordinating with partners from PT SGMW Sales Indonesia carried out training for technicians and customer care. The training materials provided include an introduction to electric vehicle products developed by the Garuda UNY team, the basics of vehicle maintenance and repair. As for customer care, the material was given on how to deal with customers and prepare themselves, starting with how to dress, make up, and body gestures. In addition, the matching fund team also delivered material on digital transformation which contains changes in various kinds of digital-based services and optimization of digital data that can be used to determine the right service products for PT SGMW Sales Indonesia consumers. The internship participants consisted of 8 students, 7 from the Automotive Engineering Education study program and 1 from the Cosmetology study program. Students get the opportunity to take part in internships that provide direct experience of activities and the work atmosphere in the industry that must work with certain targets and time limits. In addition, students also gain experience to make innovations that may be done in the context of improvement in the world of work. The industry benefits in the form of student human resources who can assist activities in the industry. In addition, the existence of student interns provides benefits with the innovations made.

Three Industry Practitioners from PT SGMW Sales Indonesia had the opportunity to give lectures at UNY. Industrial practitioner lectures are held offline and in hybrid learning. The practitioner from PT SGMW Sales Indonesia who gave the material was Jumali, while the implementation of the hybrid industry practitioner lecture consisted of 2 sessions (morning and afternoon). As presenters from PT SGMW Sales Indonesia are Robinson Fernando and Salsahela Mutiara. Participants in industrial practitioner courses are Automotive Engineering Education students and Faculty of Economics students. Thanks to this Matching Fund, universities get additional benefits of cooperation networks and potential that can be used for the career development of their graduates. Industry partners benefit from introducing products better and conveying what kind of HR needs can have a career at PT. SGMW Sales Indonesia. At the same time, students get new knowledge about how competencies are needed in the industry and how strategies to develop careers at PT SGMW Sales Indonesia. (Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.lak)

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