Cooperation between UNY and YPA-MDR in Developing the Quality of Vocational Schools


Yayasan Pendidikan Astra – Michael D. Ruslim (YPA-MDR) and the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta(UNY) have committed to fostering Vocational High Schools. A total of 4 schools, namely SMK N 1 Pandak, SMK N 2 Gedangsari, SMK N 1 Leuwiliang, and SMK N 2 Donorejo have become target schools. "Partnerships and alignment must strengthen efforts to improve the quality of excellent vocational schools with industry and the world of work. Through the vocational revitalization program, the government continues to encourage link and match programs through partnerships with industry to improve quality learning in schools," said Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, Ph.D., at the monitoring activity on the progress of the assisted Vocational Schools on September 1, 2022.

Herawati Prasetyo, as the Chairperson of the YPA-MDR Management, stated that to improve the competence of teachers and students, YPA-MDR cooperates with credible parties in fostering the 4 Pillars, namely Academic, Character, Cultural Arts, and Life Skills. "There are several coaching programs that we have carried out start from "Easy Fun and Fun counting Method Training (GASING)", "Astra Inspiring Sharing Program", "Vocational High School Entrepreneurship Program", "Bhineka" Diversity Training, "four basic characters Training (Clean, Discipline, Respect, and Persistent)", "Traditional Dance and Music Training", "Establishment of the Nusantara Art Children's Studio", "Training on Local Wisdom products (Batik, Weaving and Tapis)" and also the Revitalization of the School Committee," explained Herawati.

"We are also building synergies with the local government, parents, supervisors, and school committees to advance vocational education. Now, our fostered schools have excellent status, and that is also thanks to the role of FT UNY assistance," said Herawati.

The YPA-MDR educational assistance program has facilitated 111 elementary, junior high, and vocational schools as part of "the Escalator School". It is spread across 13 districts in Lampung, Banten, West Java, D.I. Yogyakarta, East Java, Central Kalimantan, and East Nusa Tenggara. "Currently, vocational schools have become one of our main focuses to improve employment rate and accelerate the number of entrepreneurs," he concluded. (hryo, Tj. Lak)

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