As part of the development step towards World Class University, Yogyakarta State University continues to work together with universities / related institutions, major from abroad. To support the university's program, the Faculty of Engineering (FT) UNY initiated a partnership with Taiwan's National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (NYUST). Cooperation focused on academic, research, and vocational education development. This partnership is marked by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding held in the FT UNY Conference Room, by the Dean of FT UNY, Dr. Widarto, M.Pd. and Dean of College of Humanities and Applied Sciences, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Prof. Ming Chang Wu, Ph.D.

Dr. Widarto explained that the signing process of the MoA was implemented very quickly, along with the agenda of Prof. Ming Chang Wu became Invited Speaker at international conference held by FT UNY last week. Some FT lecturers are currently studying in Taiwan, one of them at Yunlin University of Science and Technology. Hope in the future, this Memorandum of Understanding will be followed up by a joint supervision program for doctoral students in coordination with UNY Graduate Program. "The agreement is in line with UNY's vision in 2025, which earns international recognition of the quality of its education. To achieve that vision requires support from international partners, "said Widarto.

Meanwhile, Prof. Ming Chang Wu said that there is a fundamental equation between FT UNY and its institutions, especially on the interest of developing vocational education. The advantages of vocational education programs in Taiwan are in their comprehensive systems, adaptive programs, multiple choices and strong industry relationships. In addition, the Taiwanese government also provides support in the form of funding, curriculum evaluation every four years, business incubation development, and regional vocational centers. At the end of his speech, Ming Chang Wu hopes the programs in this deal can be realized immediately. "The closest is probably a joint research, because I see some work and innovation in FT UNY have great potential to be developed at the international level," said Ming Chu.
This Memorandum of Understanding will be implemented in various activities at UNY and NYUST. In detail the program of cooperation between the two institutions includes: academic networking and knowledge transfer, student and academic mobility exchange, research collaboration, joint publication opportunities, joint supervision opportunities for graduate students, foreign languages ​​programs, intercultural trainings and language coaching for academics and cooperation in conferences and other scientific activities. (hryo)

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