Cooperation between YSU Lecturer and Utrecht University and The Hoogeschool Voor De Kunsten Utrecht, The Netherlands


Dr. Kun Setyaning Astuti, M.Pd. and Dr. Agus Widyantoro, M.Pd were recently conducting research aimed at developing a model of integrated thematic music learning in collaboration with a research team of Prof. Theo Wubbels from Utrecht University and Karin Hoogeveen from Hoogeschool Voor De Kunsten Utrecht (musics, theatre, and visual art) of the Netherlands that are more experienced in developing integrated, thematic learning model in the recent years.

One of the research activities was to conduct observations and interviews with prominent figures of Netherlands education. Observations were made on the process of music and theatre learning at the Hoogeschool Voor De Kunsten in Utrecht, Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (Den Haag), Cals College primary and secondary education in Nieuw Wegein, Herman Montessory School Jordan Lyceum in Zeist, Kees Boekeschool in Bilthoven and on the training activities for artists who study teaching at primary and secondary schools in Akoesticum Ede Wageningen.

The findings n the research include: first, in the Netherlands, the student-centered approach is well implemented. In every stage, there is always materials presentation by the students. Second, in any learning process, there is always feedback on the activities carried out. The students not only comment and applause the strengths of their peers’ presentation, but also give suggestions and solutions when the other learners find obstacles in the learning process. Thus, in general the Netherland students are happy learners. (Kun)

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