As a globally oriented university, Curtin University is currently seeking international cooperating partners, one of their efforts is visiting the Yogyakarta State University (YSU) on Friday (05/27/2016) at the RKU room, YSU. As the representatives of Curtin University, Prof. Seth Kunin as the Deputy Vice Chancelor International, Assoc.Prof Anna Parkin as the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, and Josephine Ratna, Ph.D. were present. Their visit was welcomed by YSU‘s Vice Rector of Cooperation and Development, Dr.rer.nat. Senam.

This visit was also held within the cooperation possibilities which are likely to be implemented by both sides in the future. Assoc. Prof. Anna Parkin suggests that, "There are three main areas of cooperation that we offer, namely in the field of Mathematics Education, Applied Linguistics, and Techniques". Even so, Curtin University is still open to other fields, such as Arts, Design, Basic Education, etc.

The form of cooperation that can be passed, for example, is sending lecturers of YSU to continue their study at Curtin University, either at their own expense or with the scholarship scheme of the LPDP (Educational Fund Management Institution). Curtin University will provide courses or special classes for those who do not meet the minimum requirements of IELTS score band 6.5.

In addition, other forms of cooperation offered included sending Guest Lecture, sending YSU students to attend short courses or Exchange Program at the MSU.

During the visit and the discussion, some of the YSU‘s Deans were present, one of them was the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Art (FLA), Dr. Widyastuti Purbani, M.A. as the Dean of FLA also as a lecturer in English Language and Literature Studies program, she offered some FLA lecturers to be able to continue their studies at Curtin University, especially those within the field of Applied Linguistics.

Concluding the agenda, Dwi A. Yuliantoro, Ph.D as a lecturer of the YSU Graduate School will conduct follow-up by continuing communication with Josephine Ratna, Ph.D. regarding the realization of such cooperation. (Wulan)

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