International Student Summit (ISS) initiated by Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education was held this year for 3 days, from 16-18 November 2015. Becoming the host of this agenda was University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). The 4th International Student Summit was followed by a number of international students of both state and private universities. There were 100 international students attending, from 40 countries. YSU in this agenda sent 3 international students and 1 supervisor.

The agenda was opened by UMM Rector, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy M.AP. With the theme of “Nation Prestige through Indonesian Language in this Global Era”, this event started with presentation of Top 10 videos promoting Indonesia. Through voting via Facebook fanpage of ISS UMM Malang, Top 10 videos managed to proceed to the next stage, one of which is a video by YSU team entitled “Story Fragment”. On the first day of ISS, on 16 November 2015, the 10 teams were chanced to present their video in front of the judges, such as Dr. Arif Budi Wurianto, M.Pd. and Nasrullah, M.Si as the lecturer of UMM, and Husnun Djuraid, M.Si. as a senior journalist of Malang Post.

Points to be measured included message content in terms of language and culture, cinematography, and publicity. YSU team represented by Abdoulaye Fane, Aliona Guschina, dan Dominique Savio Nsengiyumva failed to continue to the Top 3, yet they could present very well and be convincing. Meanwhile, the winner was a video entitled “Tiga Lidah Tiga Cerita” from Sebelas Maret University, followed with a video from Ahmad Dahlan University entitled “Jogja is Very Extraordinary” as the Runner Up, and University of Atmajaya Yogyakarta with a video entitled “I Love Indonesia” as the 2nd Runner Up.

On the second day of ISS, Focus Group Discussion in an International Student Association (IISA) forum was held on strategies of the international students to promote Indonesia to their country. At the same occasion, new board of directors were elected for 2015-2016 period. A student of Developing Countries Parnership (DCP) of YSU from Burundi, namely Dominique Savio Nsengiyumva was elected the ISSA Secretary, replacing Makan Sacko, who is also a YSU student. Abdullah Kasor of UMM from Thailand was mandated as the ISSA President, replacing Mona Boughalni of Padjajaran University from Tunisia. The ISSA Vice Precident went to Hayder Al Hadey, a student of Padjajaran University from Sudan. He replaced the former Vice Precident of ISSA, Nhelbourne K. Mohammad of UMM from Phillipinnes.

After all of these agenda, excursion was held in two surrounding villages, namely Wonokitri and Bromo. (Ria C.)

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