The theme of YSU 51st anniversary is “Education and Science, Technology, Art, and Sport to Create Excellent Individual” which means that YSU continuously contribute to those disciplines to develop pious, independent and educated individuals. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science as the host of this year anniversary invites all members of YSU to go back to nature as well as to bring prosperity to Indonesia due to the damage in tropical forest and decreasing number of flora and fauna.
Dr. Slamet Suyanto as the chairman of the anniversary committee said such statement in the declaration of YSU 51st anniversary in Athletic Stadium of YSU on Friday (20/02/2015). YSU Rector, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A., opened the declaration ceremony as symbolized by the releasing of 51 species of birds.
Dr. Slamet Suyanto, M.Ed. added that Indonesia is considered as the second country with highest deforestation after Brazil. Inspite of its function as the world’s lung, tropical forest is converted into farming, residential and industrial areas. It leads to global warming which triggers severe flood, landslide, dry season, as well as endangered flora and fauna. “Through the anniversary, we invite teachers and students in YSU to protect flora and fauna as well as to plant more trees,” Dr. Slamer Suyanto, M.Ed., said.
“Both international and national achievements have been achieved by this university. Our gratitude is manifested as through activities in this anniversary. It is hoped that YSU will transform into remarkable university which always local wisdom,” said Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A.
90 kinds of activities will be held in the anniversary. They consist of 18 academic/workshop/seminar activities, 12 exhibition/art/performance activities, 19 sport and competition activities, 11 charity activities, 6 Association of Civil Servant's Wife activities, 5 alumni activities and award for meritorious teachers, headmasters and education figures. (dedy)

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