Three lecturers of Faculty of Education, Dr. Ali Mustadi, Dr. Enny Zubaidah, and Sumardi, M.Pd submitted their work entitled School Committee Role in Enhancing Learning Quality In Primary Schools in Bantul District to be presented by Ali Mustadi in the XVI World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) Conference 2016 in Beijing. The conference was held in Beijing Normal University on 22 – 26 August 2016. Bringing the theme of Dialectics of Education: Comparative Perspectives, this triennial conference provided an opportunity for professionals and education practitioners to disseminate their opinion and research results.

The work presented at the parallel session is the result of the research done in 2015. The research puts more emphasis on the role of school committee, particularly in elementary schools in Bantul. The researchers explored the relationship between the school committee and teaching quality in the elementary schools.

There is a need for synergy between family, society, and school to together enhance the teaching quality. Such relationship is elaborated through 3 elements: Antecedent (Input & Planning), Process (Transaction & Implementation), and Outcomes (Result & Evaluation). Their study proposes to optimize the role of school committee in the academic sphere and to develop sustainable evaluation.

The principles of publish or perish indirectly motivate the lecturers of Yogyakarta State University (YSU) to expand in international academic forums, one of which is the XVII WCSSE Mexico in 2019. All scholars in the world, including those from YSU, are expected to present their work regarding the theory and practice of education in the conference.

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