UNY organized the first digital innovation competition for university students. At first the competition was devoted to the education field, but based on team input it was changed not only for the education field but for the public. Therefore the name was changed to Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM). According to the Head of the Ristekdikti Student Reasoning and Creativity Head of Sub-Division of Reasoning and Creativity at the opening of LIDM in UNY Digital Library on Thursday (11/14). Misbah further said that the purpose of this activity was to develop student competence as a whole in the field of information and communication technology and to develop digital-based educational materials. "In addition to supporting data literacy, technology and people," Misbah said. According to him the strengths of students, lecturers and human resources are key, both as managers, operators, leaders and policy makers. Therefore the development of technology both scientific and development for educational purposes is very important.

The activity was opened by UNY Rector Sutrisna Wibawa who in his speech said that the current era is the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 which developed into a society 5.0 where one of the things in it is the digital era. "This competition is part of how we carry out this era," the Chancellor said. And what is commonly known as 4C is critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, now this is a good opportunity to realize that ability. The participants in preparing their work, that's where the element of creativity that leads to innovation will be realized. To go there through a long road which is the implementation of the 4C. In this competition requires flexibility and adaptive skills that are not learned in the study program. The Chancellor hopes that this competition will continue as technology develops as well as a forum other than Pimnas to increase creativity.

LIDM took place on November 14-16 and was attended by 121 participants with 37 accompanying lecturers from 27 universities throughout Indonesia namely Diponegoro University, Gadjah Mada University, Mulawarman University, Malang State University, Indonesian University of Education, Makassar State University, Yogyakarta State University, Surabaya State University, Semarang State University, Surakarta Institute of Indonesian Arts, Trunojoyo University, Khairun University, Ganesha Education University, Esa Unggul University, Palembang PGRI University, Indonesian Teknokrat University, Gunadarma University, Budi Luhur University, President University, Surabaya University, Muhammadiyah University Malang, Madura University, Nahdlatul Ulama University Sidoarjo, Indonesian Strada Health Sciences Institute, STIKOM Bali Institute of Technology and Business, Indonesian Muslim University and Makassar Muhammadiyah University.

Division I was attended by 32 participants from 9 universities, Division II was participated by 31 participants from 9 universities, Division III was attended by 31 participants from 10 universities and Division IV was attended by 27 participants from 8 universities. The competition was opened by the Chancellor by moving the LIDM logo in virtual reality via a laptop. (Dedy; Tj.Lak)

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