Discussion on Collaboration between Yogyakarta State University and the University of Adelaide


The University of Adelaide In –country Representative met Asisstant Director YSU Graduate School to discuss the collaboration between the two universities to hold a double degree master program in education on Tuesday, May 26th 2015.
Chrisia Iskandar, In-country Representative of the University of Adelaide for Indonesia, met Prof. Pardjono, Ph.D., Assistant Director of YSU Graduate School and Retna Hidayah, Ph.D., Deputy for International Affairs at YSU Office of International Affairs and Partnerships.
The visit was a continuation of the University of Adelaide collaboration initiation after the university received a visit by representatives of Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education board of directors. The board of directors encouraged the University of Adelaide to collaborate with Indonesian universities especially those of Teacher Training Institutes to conduct double degree programs in education. Both Yogyakarta State University and the Univeristy of Adelaide are on the list of universities recommended by the scholarship provider.
“YSU welcomes the collaboration with the University of Adelaide. The offered programs will attract more prospective students to enroll at our masters programs,” said Prof. Pardjono, Ph.D.
Adapun bidang studi yang menjadi prioritas dalam kerjasama ini adalah TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Science and Mathematics Education, dan Higher Education Administration.
Based on the discussion, the prioritized programs are in the fields of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Science and Mathematics Education, and Higher Education Administration.
“We are glad that Yogyakarta State University has been responsive to the collaboration offer. We are looking forward to the follow-ups of this meeting,“ said Chrisia Iskandar.
The representatives of both universities have agreed to arrange meetings to establish the collaboration. (Yuliana)

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