The Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP) held a discussion on Dissemination of Students’ Experience of Going Abroad. The discussion session was held in Main Meeting Room of Yogyakarta State University (10/5). The disemmination was deemed necessary to prepare YSU to become a world class university. Attending the dissemination were students and academics of YSU. They were eager to get information of how to go abroad with academic mission.

Dr. rer.nat Senam as the Vice Rector IV stated that the dissemination was part of YSU strategies to be international. “The chances to go and study abroad are so many. It is adviceable for students to disseminate and share experience in the foreign countries to their friend in their origin.” In the same occasion, he assured that the target of going abroad is to build networking. Networking is the key of students to easily get Letter of Acceptance from an overseas university.

The respondents of this discussion were YSU students who were recently back home after granted the chance to go abroad. Most of them share their ‘bitter-sweet’ memories and experience overseas. Rony Kurniawan Pratama was one of them. He was lucky for joining ICTEHM conference in Singapore in 2015 and revealed that it was not that difficult to join such an international conference. Most importantly, the students must be well prepared. Another respondent was Gani Prihatnanto who recently took one-year exchange program in Aichi University of Education, Japan.

This agenda ended with question-answer session. The Head of Field Practice Services, Dr. Sulis Triyono, M.Pd., argued that the chance to have sit-in program as well as internation field practive in Vietnam and Thailand is still open (andre).

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