Dr. Brian Doucet's Lectures at YSU Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Brian Doucet's Lectures at tYSU Faculty of Social Sciences

As part of YSU international programs, inviting guest lecturers from other universities around the world has been a beneficial program for students who wish to open their horizon. Therefore, YSU continuously encourages all departments to give international experience for students in terms of updating information and knowledge in their fields of study.
On October 13-17, 2014, the Department of Geography Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted a guest lecturing program presenting Dr. Brian Doucet from the Department of Human Geography and Planning, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. The lecture entitled “The Role of Geography In The 21st Century” was conducted at Ki Hajar Dewantara Room, and joined by around 100 students.
Dr. Hastuti, M.Si., the Head of the YSU Department of Geography Education, said, “This guest lecturing program is aimed at broadening students’ knowledge in the field of geography. We expect the students to actively participate in academic programs, and practise their English skills.”
Dr. Brian Doucet focused his lecture on theories of geography, approaches, and urban geography which is also his speciality.
The program also included field trips to the city of Yogayakarta and Merapi Volcano Lava Tour. After visiting places in Yogyakarta, Dr. Brian Doucet expressed his impression about Yogyakarta. He further discussed the field trip experience and compared the city of Yogyakarta to Utrecht in terms of culture, education, and transportation system. Both Yogyakarta and Utrecht are multicultural cities and people live in harmony and high tolerance. The closing lecture in this program included a presentation about cities in the world, including Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Toronto, and Detroit. (Yuliana)

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