One of the areas that cultivates cassava is Kesugihan sub-district, Cilacap. In this area, cassava processes into various food products. One of them is opak. Unfortunately, conventional steaming and drying method will need considerable time and large space. Based on these problems, UNY students who participated in student of applied technology program has designed special machine called Opak Dryer Machine. This machine hopefully will improve production level of Oemah Opak own by Solikhin.

Students who participated on the machine development are Muhammad Faqihul Imam, Abdul Rosyid Hidayatullah, (Physics), Intan Sulistyani Widiarti (Office Administration Education), Ardi Jati Nugroho (Mechanical Engineering Education), and Amara Widiyanty (Physics Education) ) under the supervision of  Surono, S.Pd., M.Pd.,

Faqihul Imam, the team leader explained that their machine will help those who run the business in opak production. This machine will allow more capacity and more container space with added drying functionality. The addition of a gas stove also tackle the problem on conventional drying method which fully depend on sunlight. This is a quite helpful feature especially during rainy season. (witono, Tj.Lak)

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