DWP UNY Conducts Industrial Visit to Jepara


Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) UNY on Saturday, February 11, organized an activity "Study of Entrepreneurial Development Based on Jepara Local Culture for the management of Dharma Wanita Persatuan Yogyakarta State University". This activity was attended by all members of DWP UNY and led by the Chairman of DWP UNY, Sulastri Sumaryanto. The DWP UNY activity which this time collaborated with the Academic and Student Affairs section of UNY departed from Yogyakarta at 05.00 WIB with a group of around 40 people.

One of the goals of this activity is to visit places where we can see and learn about local Indonesian culture and later can help develop the culture or introduce it to the public.

The place visited this time was the Dewi Sinta Weaving Industry in Troso Pecangaan Village, Jepara Regency. The DWP UNY members here saw directly how the steps to make woven fabrics start from spinning cotton into yarn, coloring process, forming patterns until they start weaving.

Dewi Sinta Traditional Ikat Weaving has several kinds of patterns including plant, animal, geometric, human, and various other interesting patterns. Besides producing woven fabrics, Dewi Sinta also produces batik clothes and fabric materials.

After visiting the Dewi Sinta Weaving Industry, DWP members visited the Semar Kitchen Restaurant which is also located in the Pecangaan Jepara area for lunch and took a short break and then continued their visit to the root aquarium craft center along the edge of Ngabul Jepara Road, after that DWP UNY group prepared for their return to Yogyakarta. (Author : Khairani Faizah, Editor: Cerika Rismayanthi, Translator: Muhammad Rizky Yasmin F)

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