DWP UNY Visit to Muhammadiyah Sayegan Orphanage


Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP UNY), on Sunday (2/4) visited the Muhammadiyah Sayegan Orphanage led by the chairperson of DWP UNY, Sulastri Sumaryanto. Present from the Sayegan Muhammadiyah Orphanage welcomed the DWP UNY group, the Chairman of the orphanage foundation Sutarto, Siswo Sarjono as the elder of the orphanage, Dana Nurhana as the administrator of the Development Section, as well as several representatives from the Branch Leadership Council (DPC) Aisyiyah Sayegan Branch.

When giving a speech, Sutarto revealed that he and the orphanage board felt very happy about the concern of the UNY DWP management, who had taken the time to visit. He also explained that more than 200 children have been under the orphanage's care since its establishment in 2006. He also expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by UNY in the form of generators, CCTV, sports equipment, necessities and cash. According to him, all of these items are needed in the orphanage, especially sports equipment which is expected to motivate the children in the orphanage to be fond of and excel in the sports field.

Chairperson of DWP UNY, Sulastri Sumaryanto explained that this activity is one of the routine activities of DWP UNY and is one of the series of events to enliven the 59th DIES NATALIS UNY. Sulastri also added that the mission of this activity is to help underprivileged children so that later they can complete their education as high as possible.
Dana Nurhana, the administrator of the development section, said there is great hope that this orphanage can work together with UNY to utilize the existing land or land to develop sports activities for orphanage children.

This activity was closed with the direct handover of assistance from UNY by the Chairperson of DWP UNY, Sulastri Sumaryanto, to the Chairperson of the orphanage Foundation, Sutarto. (Author: Khairani Faizah, Editor: Cerika Rismayanthi, Tj.Lak)

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