Educational Game about Environmental Cleanliness

Educational Game about Environmental Cleanliness

Five students of Electronics Engineering Education Department designed a game on environmental education. These students are Wafda Rifai, Ranita Sari, Rofiq Tri Prasetyo, Beny Abdurahman and Mirza Hikmatyar. The game that is called Edunvi is of android-based and aimed at adapting and mitigating climate change in Indonesia.

Edunvi tells a story about a boy named Edun who is originally from a village and moves to a dry, dirty and hot city. Being aware of the condition, he dreams of a cool, clean and lush city. Starting from this dream, the game begins. Up until now, the game consists of three levels. There is an educational value of environment at each level, i.e. putting trash in the bin and sorting organic and inorganic wastes as well as their types. Each interaction done by the player will influence the condition of the environment.

“This game is designed for 5-12 year old kids. We want to introduce the importance of keeping the environment clean and its effects on the climate to them as early as possible. Through the game, the values will be easy to understand and implement,” Wafda, one of the designers, stated. “This game is now still in the process of development.”

In the future, the game will further be developed regarding its level and values, one of which is about the process of recycling. Meanwhile, it is now still in the process of finishing and will be uploaded to Google Play Store so that android-based cellphone users can download and play,” Wafda closed. (Meg)

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